An Easy To Understand Intimacy Definition

Many marriages end in divorce due to couples not feeling connected to each other. Intimacy is the key to preventing divorce, but what is intimacy?   Read on to gain an understanding about intimacy.


Erik Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development Stage 6 Intimacy Vs Isolation describes this as a period during early adulthood. Approximately between 18 years – 40 years old, where an individual seeks deeper connection and committed loving relationships with someone outside of their family.

Successful completion of this stage leads to happy, long-term relationships which are safe and caring and more likely to lead to love.

Erikson’s theory suggests that fearing committed relationships and intimacy can lead to isolation and loneliness which can also lead to depression.  Read more about the different stages of Erik Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development by clicking this link.

What is intimacy in marriage?

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Intimacy in a relationship is often associated with sex.  There are also gender differences about how we think about intimacy.  Sex is an important part of intimacy but not the only part.

Intimacy is defined as a close familiarity or friendship on  

Other words that describe intimacy include closeness, experience, togetherness, warmth, close relationship, understanding, caring and privacy.  

Intimacy Definition

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What does intimacy mean to you? 

We hope this intimacy definition has helped you to understand what intimacy means.

You may find it useful to discuss this intimacy definition with your partner to find out if you have the same understanding.  Are there any differences between you?  Do you have any ideas to start building intimacy in your marriage?

The next blog post will be about ways to develop intimacy in your marriage.


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