5 Ways To Achieve A Greater Level Of Intimacy

Intimacy is about being vulnerable and also curious. Scientists can predict if a marriage will last based on the quality of friendship.  Here are 5 amazing ways to fill your intimacy cup:-

  1. Spend quality time every day                                                                                     

Having children and a busy work schedule can sometimes leave married couples so busy and exhausted that they do not spend quality time with each other.  Try to create time for each other on a daily basis to connect even if you’re not together physically, use Whatsapp or Skype to stay connected wherever you are.

  1. Learn how to actively listen                              


  • Allow the other person to speak uninterrupted.
  • Don’t be tempted to offer solutions.
  • Pay attention to body language, your own making sure you are looking at your partner but not in an uncomfortable way. Observe your partner’s body language, you may be able to pick up on how they are actually feeling.
  • Give verbal cues to let your partner know that you are listening.
  • Occasionally you may need to paraphrase, this is repeating what was shared in your own words.
  • Summarize what has been said to check that you have the correct understanding of what was shared.
  • Don’t belittle what your partner shares with you.


  1. Be honest and open                               

Sharing intimate knowledge can help you to achieve a greater level of intimacy.  Read this article 36 questions to bring you closer together to discover the 36 questions that can help you to deepen your connection with your partner.


  1. Focus on giving                                                            

Make your partner a priority, and shower them with attention and appreciation.  Discuss what you love about each other.


Eye contact can help to build to intimacy, psychological studies have evidence to prove that maintaining eye contact can deepen intimacy.      

Watch as this couple takes the  Intimacy Staring Experiment it’s very powerful.


  1. Have fun                                                                   

Having fun, taking part in activities that you both enjoy can help to bring you closer.  It can also help you to get through difficult times or break up boring routines.

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