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One Sided Love Quotes For Him/ Her

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”I won’t give up on us.”

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One Sided Love Quote #1

One sided love is loving…

”I love you even if you don’t love me back.”

One Sided Love Quote #2

One sided love is strength…

”I still try to make this work.”

One Sided Love Quote #3

How one sided love feels…

”I hate that I’m always thinking about you, when I know you probably aren’t
thinking about me.”

One Sided Love Quote #4

One sided love is complicated…

”I try to tell my mind all of your faults in an attempt to distract myself from you, but instead I fall deeper in love with you.”

One Sided Love Quote #5

What you learn from one sided love…

”I still have hope that one day we can
work this out.”

One Sided Love Quote #6

The thoughts you have when you experience one sided love…

”Sometimes I want to fast forward time,
just to see if my love for you is going to
be worth it.”

One Sided Love Quote #7

When one sided love is real…

”I love you so much, but it’s like you don’t
even care anymore.”

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